Doll House

Sooo this is a little abstract even for me. Im not totally sure how I feel about it but I wanted to share it anyway.

A little girl sat in her room,

Playing with her dolls.

She brushed their hair,

Combed every knot through,

And as she was leaving,

She blew a kiss or two.

She loved thoes dolls,
Each and every one,

She took care of them,

And left behind none.
But along came her brother,

Pall and friend,

He tore them to peices,

And swore at them,

Over and over again.
He treated them with such anger,

Frustration and furry,

Ripped out their pig tails,

And tore off their dresses.
When the little girl came walking in,

She began to cry,

At the sight he had created.

An awful distruction,

Of what used to be,

Her doll house was in ruins,

As her dolls stood helplessly.
So in walked their parents,

At the sound of her cries,

For all of her hard work,

Had suddenly died.

Her mother spoke in a broken voice,

Let your brother play with them,

Dear,  I’m so sorry 

You have no choice.